Need more proof of God? Watch.
Sie brauchen noch einen Gottesbeweis? Dann anschauen.

Hanne de Vries – Breaking News

For all walking in the darkness a great light has come
For all living in the shadows a new day has dawned

This is breaking news for the world:
Jesus came to save, Jesus came to save
He conquered death made a way
Jesus came to save, Jesus came to save


Verse 2
We are alive in Christ the Lord, children of the Light
We’ll sing and dance in your house with joy, forever more, forever more



He is the mighty One
Healing our broken hearts
Pouring his love out over us
The kingdom of God is here
Love reigning over fear
Death has no power over us

Breaking News
(c) words & music: Jorge Mhondera, Johnny Pike, Hanne de Vries